What is HIIT you ask?!

17 Sep

High-intensity Interval Training! Oh how wonderful it is! So many people make comments to me such as “you must spend HOURS doing cardio” or “how much cardio do you do a week?!” Well the truth is….hardly any! Once I became aware of HIIT, I was hooked! I never liked cardio. I would get extremely bored and just completely give up. Once my brother told me I should try HIIT…I was a little confused. He told me to only do it for 12 minutes! I was used to trying to get 45 minutes of cardio in and now he is telling me only 12 minutes?! Sure I was excited about the short period of time..but I was also skeptical. So, I did some research on my own and wanted to share it with you guys!

High-intensity interval training consists of short bursts of going as fast and as hard as you can followed by a short recovery time. Then you just continue to repeat that process. HIIT has been shown to reduce body fat while making sure you don’t lose any muscle! It also greatly increases your cardiovascular capacity and keeps your metabolic rate increased for hours…and sometimes even days! The coolest part about it….you should not do HIIT for more than 20 minutes!!! (bodybuilding.com “3 ways to boost cardio intensity).

So..what are some examples of HIIT you ask? You can literally do it with anything! If you have access to a track…try sprinting the curves and jogging or walking the straights! If you are just starting out I would recommend walking the straights. If you want a challenge try jogging! Or, if you are on a treadmill…sprint for 30 seconds and then job/walk for 1 minute (or longer if you need to). I personally like doing HIIT on the stairclimber! I will do a moderate pace for a minute…then go as fast as I possibly can for 30 seconds..then back to a moderate minute..then 30 seconds as fast as I can…all the way up to 12-15 minutes! Don’t try to kill yourself starting out! Pick a pace and speeds that seem reasonable to you…my sprint might be a lot slower/faster compared to yours…THATS OK! Everyone’s body is different! The important thing is that you are doing it!

HIIT is especially important when you are lifting weights and trying to gain muscle. Steady-state cardio…such as running for an hour or doing 45 minutes on the elliptical is not going to improve your level of fitness. That kind of cardio breaks down your muscles. It burns fat with burning the muscle as well..which is NOT what you want! The more muscle you have on your body, the more fat you burn, and the faster your metabolism works! “The American Journal of Physiology found that steady-state cardio decreases the ability of muscles to absorb glucose after training” (bodybuilding.com “HIIT Can Get You Huge, Especially If You Are A Meathead”). Steady state cardio limits hypertrophy which is the primary regulator of muscle growth!! (bodybuilding.com).

So…I challenge you to try HIIT this week! It is a GREAT burn and it will really make you sweat!! It also is quick and fast and it doesn’t get boring!! I really think you all will like it…and see amazing changes in your body!! Also, try picking up the weights this week! Weight lifting does WONDERFUL things for your body! Girls..DO NOT BE AFRAID OF DUMBBELLS!! THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS!! 🙂

-Live healthy and God bless xoxo M


3 Responses to “What is HIIT you ask?!”

  1. Lori September 19, 2013 at 9:10 pm #

    I have been doing tabata and it just like HIIT. And it has really given me some great results. Great post.

  2. katiarey7 September 28, 2013 at 2:28 pm #

    Reblogged this on katiarey7 and commented:
    I just started following this girl’s blog and have read some awesome stuff. This week, i’m sad to report my first gain in a LONG time. I gained 0.4 of a lb (186). I’m reposting this part of her blog because I will definitely be trying it this week. This past week I went to the gym 6 times AND I still gained. So I went twice on Monday and Tuesday, but I learned I can’t do that because I get SUPER hungry and snack more!
    Eating Pizza 73 (my weakness) this week probably didn’t help either!
    I also have decided I really can’t do a free day every week. I will be counting ALL my points and trying this HIIT at the gym this week.
    Sorry to disappoint, but I PROMISE to do better for next week! I’m still SO happy about being down 16.6 LBS!
    Have a good week and I think I will tell a couple other people for that extra motivation. 🙂
    P.S. This girl has an awesome blog with some good info and is very inspiring….check it out! 😉

  3. Leigh Kendall January 7, 2015 at 1:30 am #

    Maria you are so inspirational!! You sound like such a sweetheart too. Thank you for your posts, you motivate girls everywhere! Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to workout after a long day at work but after reading your posts, I’m pumped! And I’ll try HIIT tonight!

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